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If you are teaching a course that has previously used a Course Correspondent, or if your class has been approved for one, an instructor may request a Correspondent for an upcoming semester. Instructors working with a Course Correspondent are responsible for developing prompts and assignments for their Correspondent to complete. Instructors must remain in contact with their Correspondent throughout the semester and grade the Correspondent’s reflection on his or her experience at the end of the term. Below is a list of tasks that instructors should have in mind to complete with the correspondent during the semester:

  • Meet with Course Correspondent to explain semester expectations
  • Create assignments and schedule for Course Correspondent
  • Confirm means of communication with Course Correspondent
  • Sign Learning Contract (Sample Correspondent Learning Contract)

If you are an instructor interested in having a Course Correspondent paired with your course, please contact Dr. Abel Muñoz-Hermoso at

Correspondent Application Form

Correspondent Learning Contract

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