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  • A course correspondent is a UNC-Chapel Hill student participating in a UNC-led study abroad program who, like a news correspondent, files periodic reports on the sites, language, culture, or events particular to the country in which he or she is studying. The course correspondent’s activities and assignments are pre-arranged, supervised, and approved by a UNC-Chapel Hill course instructor, who uses the correspondent’s reports to supplement and enrich instruction in a course taught in Chapel Hill that semester.
  • With guidance from his or her instructor before and during the time abroad, the course correspondent completes predetermined weekly activities that are instructive to students enrolled in the instructor’s class, using UNC-supported media to report on cultural sites and activities as well as interview native speakers. Chapel Hill students benefit from these reports, which enhance their understanding of the language and culture they are studying.
  • By participating in this program, course correspondents receive one Pass/Fail credit hour through the Interdisciplinary Studies Curriculum (IDST 296). The course will not count toward credit hours required for a student’s major and will not fulfill any General Education requirement. Students who have already taken IDST 296 are not eligible to repeat it.