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  • The course correspondent will meet with the instructor a minimum of two times before going abroad for a detailed orientation.
  • The course correspondent will attend the technology-related training session.
    • Before the course correspondent leaves UNC to study abroad, he or she must complete a training session housed by the Language Resource Center in Dey Hall so that he or she is fully equipped to complete the job of crafting and posting appropriate materials for the course. We also hold this session to assure that correspondents are prepared to handle any technological situations encountered while abroad.
    • During the training session, students are given information on various topics that will be useful to them while abroad, ranging from posting materials on VoiceThread, collecting interview materials, assuring appropriate sound levels in video, video/photo editing, and compressing video files.
  • The course correspondent will be responsible for 10 activities throughout the semester. Each individual assignment will be posted on VoiceThread by the date and time previously agreed upon by the instructor and correspondent. Late work is not accepted and assignment deadline extensions are not granted, except in cases of extenuating circumstances that his or her instructor approves. If the correspondent is unable to complete an assignment by its due date, the student should contact the instructor as soon as possible to make alternative arrangements.
  • The final requirement is a 1500-word reflection essay on the correspondent’s experience. It should discuss which activities worked best and why, which activities could be revised with suggested changes, how the experience benefitted the correspondent, etc. This essay will be due during the final week of classes as determined by the University’s academic calendar.